Possible Selves

Realities of education in the United States changed in March of 2020 with the spread of COVID-19. Transitioning to virtual learning has impacted us all in different, and often, inequitable ways.

Realizing my own students' fears and uncertainties, I began investigating crisis theory. I developed the Crisis Theory with/in Teacher Education Programs (CT-TEP) model (Baker, 2021), which explores how teacher education programs can assist preservice teachers in coping with crises, whether it be the COVID-19 pandemic, issues of systemic racism that led to nationwide protests in the summer of 2020, or any other crisis to come through understanding our possible selves. This research focuses on crises and their impacts on teacher identit/ies with/in teacher preparation programs.

The following scholarship focuses on the exploration of possible selves, teacher identity, and/or crises with/in teacher education.


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Works in Progress:

Baker, J. S. et al. (n.d.). Art and Crisis: Preservice Teachers’ Coping Amid Constantly Changing Landscapes. Under review.