Virtual Teaching

In the 2020-2021 academic year, after 5 years of primarily face-to-face instruction at the university, the opportunity to teach virtual/online/hybrid pushed me as an educator. My primary focus in the online classroom, beyond the curriculum, pedagogy, and technology needed to develop preservice teachers, is how do I maintain the interpersonal relationships typically built through interactions in the classroom in an online format?

It was when I was adjusting, alongside all educators, it hit me.... In our struggle to cope with a pandemic, loss of so many moments, events, gatherings, it is incumbent on me, as a teacher-educator, to show preservice teachers how to have fun, even in those most difficult of situations. One of the most important lessons we can teach our future educators is how to embrace a moment, find some levity, and use humor to cope with the difficulties life throws at all of us. Moving forward, whether classes are face-to-face, synchronous, asynchronous, or a hybrid, as teachers, we must be able to console, support, and uplift our students.

Having fun, being playful, reminding our students to enjoy their education is my goal in virtual teaching, thus...

2021-2022 Academic Year (St. Cloud State University)

“Humor can make a serious difference. In the workplace, at home, in all areas of life – looking for a reason to laugh is necessary. A sense of humor helps us to get through the dull times, cope with the difficult times, enjoy the good times and manage the scary times.” Steve Goodier

2020-2021 Academic Year (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)

“If you can't laugh when things go bad--laugh and put on a little carnival--

then you're either dead or wishing you were.” Stephen King

Student-created artwork